How It Works

The WSJ Assessment Tool is a powerful resource that will help you quickly and easily assess your students' comprehension of course concepts and awareness of current events.

Just follow these easy steps and you'll be ready to start using the Tool.

Set Up Your Account To set up your Account for the Tool, simply click here and complete the form, including the discipline(s) you teach.

After your Educational Representative approves your Account, you'll have full access to the Tool.  
Set Up Your Courses and Classes After you log into your Account, you'll want to set up your Courses and Classes. This will be your hub for managing your tests and your students’ test results.
  • My Courses:
    These are all the courses you teach. Simply click on My Courses, select Add Course and complete the form.

  • My Classes:
    After you've set up a Course, you can then set up the individual Classes for that Course. Click on the name of the Course, then click Add Class and complete the form.

    After setting up a Class, you can add your students to that Class. Go to My Classes, click on the name of the Class and then the Invite Students link. You'll add the email addresses of your students, and then send them an Invitation email to set up an Account with the Tool.

    As an alternative to sending an Invitation email to your students, you can instead share a URL with them. While in the Invite Students screen, simply copy the URL that appears at the bottom of the screen and provide it to your students. They can then use the URL to register for the Assessment Tool.

    Important: Be sure you don’t use the same URL for different classes. Providing the same URL to multiple classes will result in all of your students being assigned to one class.

    Once your students have set up their Accounts, you'll be all set to start assigning Tests with the Tool.
Managing Your Assessment Tests Every week, you'll have access to new Assessment Tests based on the disciplines you've selected in your Account. You'll then be able to assign the Tests to your Classes and notify your students via email.

To start, you'll want to click on Manage Tests This will bring up a list of all available Tests. Use the Disciple dropdown menu to change the discipline that appears in the display

Before you can assign a Test to your students, you’ll need to first click the Add link adjacent to the Test’s name – this will allow you to edit the Test to suit your teaching needs. Click here to learn more about editing a Test.

After completing your edits, you can assign the Test to your class by checking the box adjacent to the Test name, selecting the Assign Test to Class link and following the prompts. On the next screen, select the Add Due Date link adjacent to the Test, select the date and time by which you want your students to complete the Test, and then click the Notify Students link – this will send your students an email letting them know they’ve been assigned a new Test.
Assigning Tests to Your Students Once you've added the Tests to your Account, you'll then assign them to your Classes. Simply select the Course and Class, and then select the Test you want to assign. Click the Notify Students link and your Students will receive an email letting them know they've been assigned a new Test.

Viewing Results As your students complete a Test, you can immediately view their results - either as an entire class or each individual student

Click on My Reports and filter the report by School, Course, Discipline, Semester and Class. From there, you can view Test Results for the whole class or for an individual student. You can even download and import the results into your Course Management Software.